Kitchen Ware Facts: All about Using Classic Cast Iron Cookware

The main concern regarding cast iron cookware maintenance is “seasoning” the product to ensure it does not rust and maintains a non-stick surface.

Fortunately, Westinghouse cast iron pots do not require seasoning as they are manufactured with a hard wearing multi-layer enameled surface, allowing them to retain the easy-clean qualities “seasoned” cast iron cookware is known for.
Caring for enameled cast-iron products couldn’t be easier.


The Best Non Stick Fry Pan in Town is PFOA-Free

The Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S. has labeled PFOA and other chemicals in Teflon coatings as “likely to be carcinogenic”. These potential health hazards can be emitted through airborne particles under temperatures as low as 240 °C. Thus, it’s best to replace your current fry pan with the best non stick frying pan available—something that can significantly reduce your exposure.

The new range of Westinghouse non-stick cookware is manufactured with a top of the line Ceramic reinforced, German engineered coating. This coating ensures the cookware is easy to clean, more scratch resistant and superior in non-stick quality vs many of their competitors. Most importantly, it’s PFOA free! Considering the health concerns associated with chemicals like PFOA, now may be the best time to upgrade your cook ware to arguably the best non stick fry pan available.