Use Non Stick Cookware to Begin a Great Year of the Monkey with a Lucky Fish Dish

The Year of the Monkey, according to the Chinese twelve-year animal zodiac, starts the 2016 cycle on the 8th Feb. The Chinese New Year is a highly celebrated festivity filled with traditions: firecrackers to sound out the old year, prayers for a smooth new year, and of course, eating lots of delicious ‘lucky’ food.

The Chinese are famous for their tasty cuisine, namely spring rolls, dumplings, niangao and fish, all New Year’s classics. Cooking a whole fish is important in Chinese tradition. The character symbol in the Chinese alphabet for fish, pronounced ‘yu’, means there will be a surplus of food in the New Year.


Westinghouse Celebrates 130th Anniversary

Westinghouse Electric Corporation is celebrating their 130th anniversary as a leading innovator of products and technologies which enrich peoples lives making them better and more prosperous. Founded by George Westinghouse, the company was established under the name Westinghouse Electric in 1886. George Westinghouse, entrepreneur, engineer and pioneer was born in Central Bridge, New York in 1846. Some of his most notable achievements include the invention of the air brake, a railroad braking system using compressed air and development of a complete electrical and compressed air signal system. In 1911 he received the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) Edison Medal ‘For meritorious achievement in connection with the development of the alternating current system.’

Air Fryers can Fry Food as you Please Guilt Free

When fried food is mentioned, oil and greasy fat comes to mind. Sure, frying foods, and even making those mouth-watering chips, makes for a divine culinary experience, yet all those greasy and unhealthy fats may give you second thoughts before taking a bite.

Now, chips and fried foods are no longer a guilty pleasure when cooked in a gadget that uses rapidly circulated heated air with no oil. This revolutionary kitchen appliance is, of course, the air fryer, and you’ll soon learn to love this gadget even more when you learn how to make the most out of it.

Sumptuous Summer Meals You Can Cook using Enamelled Cast Iron Pots

You may be sitting in your kitchen, looking at that new enamelled cast iron pot you got for Christmas and wondering what to cook in it. Enamelled cast iron pots have many advantages over other types of cookware including their longevity and easy clean cooking surface. You can take this as permission to go as crazy as you wish with your summer cooking. You can take your pot for a test drive with various summer meal ideas. Have all the fun you want and try out a bit of everything; from vegetables to fish and soups.

Treat Yourself to Summer Vegetables

Seasonal vegetables offer a nice healthy supplement to any meal. You can steam some cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, carrots, broccoli or celery to go with mashed potatoes or any side dish such as rice. Bean sprouts are also perfect during the summer season when you want to cook light meals.

Three Tasty Examples of Food You Can Prepare Easily in an Air Fryer

If, like many people, you enjoy your food fried and crunchy but you’re concerned about the sometimes overwhelming amounts of oil required, then you may just find the air fryer could change your life. With a heavy-duty fan circulating heat at high speed, the food not only cooks beautifully but produces that all-important layer of crunch using little to no oil making it the healthiest way to fry foods.

In the height of summer, it’s all too easy to lay back and let the heat get the better of you, but here are three foods that can particularly revolutionise your summer and your life. Of course, all these are possible with the best non stick cookware and appliances available today.

Best Cookware and Small Kitchen Appliance Manufacturer Celebrates Australia Day with Good Food

“Perth, Western Australia (26 January, 2015) – Westinghouse Small Appliances, one of the best frying pan and small kitchen appliance manufacturers in Western Australia celebrates Australia Day with some of the people’s favourite and most classic dishes. January 26th is a day every Australian looks forward to each year; however, it was not until 1935 that all states and territories observed it as a national holiday. In 1944, Australia Day officially became a nationally celebrated holiday on 26 January.

With summer already in the air, many Australians are getting ready for the festivities. Of course, with their love for the great outdoors, no true Aussie will pass up this chance to fire up the barbecue in their backyards or gather up friends and family for a picnic on the beach.