Short on Space to Cook Christmas Dinner? Use Small Kitchen Appliances

Entertaining guests at Christmas may be a fun experience, but it also involves a lot of food preparation. And what happens when you run out of oven space or all the hob rungs are in use? What if disaster strikes, and your oven isn’t working?

Fortunately, there is a surprising solution to this Christmas dilemma – your small kitchen appliances can come to the rescue. A slow cooker, air fryer, stick mixer and electric frypan can be used to make even the most traditional of Christmas feasts, and while you’ll still need an oven to cook a whole turkey, these small appliances can save you a lot of stress.


Sumptuous Summer Meals You Can Cook using Enamelled Cast Iron Pots

You may be sitting in your kitchen, looking at that new enamelled cast iron pot you got for Christmas and wondering what to cook in it. Enamelled cast iron pots have many advantages over other types of cookware including their longevity and easy clean cooking surface. You can take this as permission to go as crazy as you wish with your summer cooking. You can take your pot for a test drive with various summer meal ideas. Have all the fun you want and try out a bit of everything; from vegetables to fish and soups.

Treat Yourself to Summer Vegetables

Seasonal vegetables offer a nice healthy supplement to any meal. You can steam some cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, carrots, broccoli or celery to go with mashed potatoes or any side dish such as rice. Bean sprouts are also perfect during the summer season when you want to cook light meals.

The best pans to cook your favourite stir fry recipes this summer and welcome in the New Year with family and friends!

When cooking up a tasty stir fry this summer, only the best non stick pan will do. There are a few different reasons why stir fry recipes pack a real hit of flavour when cooked using the right pan. From tender, juicy meats, perfectly cooked rice to delicious seasonal vegetables, the possibilities are endless.
What are some of the advantages of using a quality easy clean wok to cook up your favourite stir fry dishes?

Cooking Made Easy

One of the issues with a traditional stir fry is that the wok (or similar pan) can become very dirty due to the accumulation of food debris during the cooking process. Thanks to modern technological advancements, PFOA free cooking surfaces such as the ceramic reinforced Greblon C3+ easy clean and scratch resistant coating are now available on the latest range of Woks, Griddle Pans and Fry Pans from Westinghouse Small Appliances.

Cook a Great-Tasting Pan-Seared Fish Using the Best Non Stick Fry Pan

When it comes to food, nothing compares to the taste of delicate fishes like cod, stripped bass, halibut, and swordfish. Since the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend having one to two servings of fish per week, learning how to cook these fishes to perfection is a skill worth knowing.

One problem most people encounter, however, is difficulty in pan-searing these delicate fish in their skillets. These kinds of fish are notorious for sticking and falling apart in the pan, mainly due to the chemical reaction between the meat’s protein and the cookware’s surface. Not to worry, when you use the best non stick fry pan, you can easily pan-sear a crispy and healthy fish fillet following these simple steps.