New Long Slot 4-Slice Toaster Model Added to Our Line of Small Kitchen Appliances

Westinghouse Small Appliances continues to expand its list of products to further their goal of transforming the human experience to make lives easier. One of the latest additions to their line of small kitchen appliances is the long slot 4-slice toaster that has been garnering a lot of attention from homeowners everywhere. 2-slice toasters on the market today, though efficient, are not all perfect to accommodate all types and sizes of breads and baked goods. This is what the 4-slice toaster aims to solve.

As more people steer away from bagged sandwich breads and prefer wholesome artisan breads, toaster manufacturers also need to adapt. Westinghouse’s 4-slice toaster features longer slots to fit breads with larger cuts, toaster waffles, crumpets and even tortillas. It can even be used for grilled sandwiches, panini’s and egg and cheese muffins. No longer will users have the hassle of removing a slice of loaf that gets stuck in the slot.