Sumptuous Summer Meals You Can Cook using Enamelled Cast Iron Pots

You may be sitting in your kitchen, looking at that new enamelled cast iron pot you got for Christmas and wondering what to cook in it. Enamelled cast iron pots have many advantages over other types of cookware including their longevity and easy clean cooking surface. You can take this as permission to go as crazy as you wish with your summer cooking. You can take your pot for a test drive with various summer meal ideas. Have all the fun you want and try out a bit of everything; from vegetables to fish and soups.

Treat Yourself to Summer Vegetables

Seasonal vegetables offer a nice healthy supplement to any meal. You can steam some cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, carrots, broccoli or celery to go with mashed potatoes or any side dish such as rice. Bean sprouts are also perfect during the summer season when you want to cook light meals.


Use the Best Cookware Set to Make these Delicious Home Made Summer Sauces

Nothing sets your taste buds racing more than the smell of a beautiful summer BBQ. Even better when you put in a little extra effort and create your own sauces to boot. Your friends and family are sure to be impressed. Here are some great ideas to go the extra mile at your next BBQ now summer has finally arrived.

Using a Stick Mixer

In order to make the perfect summer sauce, like salsa verde, place tomatillos, onion and garlic into a saucepan and blend ingredients together using a stick mixer until the consistency is even but not completely liquidised. Now add some chilli pepper, according to your taste, and heat for about ten minutes. Stir in some seasoning, ideally oregano, cumin and salt. Add a cup of water, if the salsa looks like it is drying out. Let mixture cool and serve in your favourite dish together with a big packet of corn chips!